Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seeing demons!!!...A white belt Tanzania Taekwon-do trainee during the "Baptism by 200 squat jumps" (Yellow Belt Test). He is doing "full gravity sit ups" while at the same time he is receiving strikes on his abnominal muscles. (Note that; full gravity sit ups require you to literally hang almost upside down then sit up thus moving against the gravity and, of course, brave the abnominal strikes on the way "up"). The spirit of fire is being created!!

Car jacking in progress...A handgun pressed hard on the point just behind the jaw so that it does not "slide off easily". Any suggestions from Steven Seagal? Nada. If unfortunatelly the situation reached that stage without you being aware..then PRAY and give the man the car. Don't try to piss him off. If that trigger is pulled...ooh ooh ooh...Noma!

Suppose (luckily) you were aware..You suddenly hit the brakes..grab the gun and the hand that held it..( where the barrel is pointing at) and you proceed to disarm him. Question is; do you know how to do a handgun disarm? What about doing a handgun disarm in a confined space like in a car?

Trying to befriend the instructor prior to the Yellow Belt Test a.k.a Baptism by 200 squat jumps.

If you have been trained in the art of concealed weaponry, you stand a good chance of coming out of the "cage" unscathed. One moment he is pointing a gun at you and the next moment he sees "something shiny" coming towards him at a blinding speed and aiming for the vital organs/spots.

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